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Our Percentage Cattle Program

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In recent years we have been raising percentage cattle, bred with a plan, to produce bulls and females with profit potential for commercial producers.

We have used well-known and proven Angus bulls on our Simmental heifers and young cows. This has resulted in the production of a product we liked and found to be very marketable to the beef industry. We intend to continue producing these high quality percentage cattle as part of our breeding program using the same strong criteria as used in the purebred program.

Bar-H Mindbender 141D | Purebred Black Angus | | BD: May 9, 2016
image of herdsire Bar-H Mindbender 141D      GDAR Game Day 449
Sire: S SUMMIT 956
     S Pride Anna 709
     SAV 004 Predominant 4438
Dam: HF Tibbie 93U
     HF Tibbie 35K

Footnotes: Birthweight 68 lbs. Adj 205 day weight 836 lbs. Adj 365 weight 1,442 lbs.

Mindbender was purchased by Spring Creek Simmentals from Robin Holberg of Bar H Land & Cattle. This bull has proven to be a superior herdsire. We are pleased we were able to obtain a breeding interest in Mindbender.

HR Tibbie 93U | Purebred Black Angus Female | Dam of Bar -H Mindbender 141D
photo of HF Tibbie 93U       
Sire: SAV 004 Predominant 4438
Dam: HF Tibbie 35K

Footnotes: Tibbie 93U, the dam of Mindbender, is one of the proven power cows in the Angus business, owned by the Holbergs of Bar H Land & Cattle. She has been a superior producer in their program.



Sun Rise Black 23A | Reg. # BPRS 785976 | BD: Jan. 1, 2013 ( Percentage Female |
photo of JTC 23A      Sitz Traveler 8180 (Angus)
Sire: SAV Final Answer 0035 (Angus)
     SAV Emulous 8145 (Angus)
     Springcreek Liner 56U (Simmental)
Dam: Blacksand Taralynn 79Y (Simmental)
     Springcreek Tara 7P (Simmental)

Footnotes: This Final Answer daughter, out of a top Blacksand cow, featuring 56U and 7P in her pedigree is one of our feature percentage females. Her 2020 calf is a blaze-faced bull calf sired by Sun Rise Captain Blaze.



Sun Rise Black 12Y | Reg. #BPRS 743361 | BD: Feb. 2, 2011 (Percentage Female)
photo of Sun Rise Black 12Y      Sitz Traveler 8180 (Angus)
Sire: SAV Final Answer 0035 (Angus)
     SAV Emulous 8145 (Angus)
     Wheatland Red Teddy 457P (Simmental)
Dam: Sun Rise Red 44W (Simmental)
     Conray Sultry 4785P (Simmental)

Footnotes: This powerful half-blood female went in the sale of our cowherd in 2013 to JP Cattle Co. Her influence is still found in both herds.


Sun Rise Black 27F | BD: Jan. 27, 2018 (Half-blood Female)
photo of Sun Rise Black 27F       
Sire: HF Storm Center 26D (Angus)
     Springcreek Liner 56U (Simmental)
Dam: Sun Rise Black 22D (Simmental)
     Sun Rise Black 93A (Simmental)

Footnotes: Birthweight: 88 lbs. Sale Weight: 1,570 lbs.

Sold at 2019 Manitoba Keystone Konnection Sale for $5,000 to Maxwell Simmentals.


Sun Rise Black 4F | BD: Jan. 9, 2018 (Homo Polled & Homo Black Half-blood Bull)
photo of JTC 4F       
Sire: Brooking Bank Note 4040 (Angus)
     Springcreek Align 100X (Simmental)
Dam: Sun Rise Black 93A (Simmental)
     Springcreek Linne 23R (Simmental)

Footnotes: Birthweight: 94 lbs. Adj Weaning Weight: 836 lbs. Adj Yearling Weight: 1,503 lbs.

Sold in the 2019 Proudly Western Sale to Darrin Clifford, Provost, AB for $14,000.


Sun Rise Black 37F | BD: Feb. 27, 2018 (Homo Polled, Homo Black 3/4 blood Bull)
photo of Sun Rise Black 37F       
Sire: Sun Rise Captain Black 10C (Simmental)
     RRAR Final Answer 9W (Angus)
Dam: Sun Rise Black 38C (Simmentla)
     Sun Rise Black 76A (Simmental)

Footnotes: Birthweight: 90 lbs. Adj. Weaning Weight: 880 lbs. Adj. Yearling Weight: 1,506 lbs.

Sold in the 2019 Proudly Western Sale to Chase Muxlow, Gladmar, SK for $7,000.


HF Storm Center 26D | Purebred Black Angus | | BD: Jan. 12, 2016
image of herdsire HF Storm Center 26D      Connealy Earnan 076E
     SAV Primrose 7861
     HF Tiger 5T
Dam: HF Miss Blackcap 296Y
     HF Miss Blackcap 27R

Footnotes: Birthweight 68 lbs. Adj 205 day weight 718 lbs. Adj 365 weight 1,390 lbs.

HF Storm Center 26D, purchased in 2017 from Hamilton Farms for $35,000 has been our walking Angus sire. We own him in partnership with Clifford Land & Cattle of Chavin, AB. His progeny have advanced our program and been well received by our customers. His influence continues in our program.