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HF Storm Center 26D

Purebred Black Angus | Homo Polled

photo of herd bull RRAR Rising Star 12B

BD: January 12, 2016 | BW: 68 lbs.
ADJ: 205 - 718 lbs. | ADJ: 365 - 1390 lbs.

      Connealy Earnan 076E
Sire: Musgrave Big Sky
      SAV Primrose 7861

      HF Tiger 5T
Dam: HF Miss Blackcap 296Y
     HF Miss Blackcap 27R




photo of HF Miss Blackcap 27R

Granddam: HR Miss Blackcap 27R

2018 ANGUS EPD's: CE
BW: -0.6 WWT: +52 YWT: +91 MCE: +12 MILK:
Footnotes: The percentage cattle are an important portion of our program. The yearling Simmental heifers are bred to Angus bulls and our customers like the resulting calves. We used proven Angus AI bulls to establish this program. To reduce the workload, we wanted an Angus walking bull for our heifer pen. We went to well-known Hamilton Farms 2017 Bull Sale in search of a new bull. Storm Center was the bull we felt would meet our needs. We liked his birthweight and calving EPDs, combined with performance and conformation that would suit our program. We were able to purchase him for $35,000. We later sold an interest in him to Clifford Land & Cattle, AB. Their breeding season is later than ours, so we are both able to walk him. Storm Center's first calf crop arrived in 2018, we liked the way his calves were born and they are impressing us as they develop. Hamilton Farms retained semen and they report they like what they see in his calves.